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Who is Purpleist?

“Purpleist” is not actually a word. It has no meaning, nor does it bear any association to the color purple.

Purpleist is a dude.

Purpleist is in his mid-twenties.

Purpleist lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Purpleist is a student.

Purpleist is not his real name.

Purpleist is not a fan of speaking in the third person.

Purpleist is a keen observer about life.

Purpleist is also a bit cynical.

Purpleist likes having a blog, but wonders how long it will keep his interest.

After all is said and done, Purpleist is just some anonymous bi-curious guy on the internet that has a big mouth but is too chicken-shit to say who he really is.

Not that that is uncommon.



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